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“My focus was finding the very, very best football coach for this program,” she said. “It just reinforced how special this place is and how special this program is. But I can tell you as we went through each step in this process, it became so clear to us that Danny Rocco was the right man for Delaware, not just the right man for this job, the right man for Delaware.”.

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wholesale nfl jerseys Unsustainable patterns of production and consumption are placing severe pressure on our forests, oceans and rivers and driving alarming declines in wildlife populations worldwide.”Over the past two weeks, nearly two hundred governments met at the 13th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP13) to review progress towards global conservation targets[i] and commit to further action to conserve and restore nature.Hosted by the Government of Mexico, the summit focused on the ‘mainstreaming’ of nature conservation into productive sectors such as farming, forestry and fisheries.”In many countries, government policies are actively contributing to the decline of nature, by promoting unsustainable patterns of food and fibre production”, said Konstantin Kreiser, Head of Global Nature Policy at NABU (BirdLife Germany).Subscribe to Our Newsletter!”In Europe, wild bird populations have declined by more than 50 per cent since 1980, due to widespread agricultural intensification supported by EU farming subsidies. Worldwide, poorly designed government subsidies are driving overfishing, unsustainable farming practices and habitat loss, including destruction of tropical forests”, said Mr Kreiser.On the final day of CBD COP13, countries unanimously adopted a decision that:Calls on governments to phase out environmentally harmful agricultural subsidies and use regulation and incentives to reduce habitat loss, increase water efficiency and prevent the inappropriate use of fertiliser and pesticides.Welcomes private sector efforts to eliminate deforestation from commodity supply chains, and calls on governments to expand networks of protected forests, promote sustainable forest management and combat illegal logging.Reinforces existing international commitments to sustainably manage marine ecosystems, effectively regulate fishing and prohibit harmful fisheries subsidies.”This is the first time that the CBD has so clearly addressed the impacts of farming, forestry and fisheries on nature, providing a clear mandate for environmental reform across these sectors,” said Kabelo Senyatsu, Director, BirdLife Botswana.To learn more about BirdLife International’s recommendations for reducing the environmental impacts of farming, forestry and fisheries, download our position paper.National commitments fall short of action needed to safeguard natureThe assessment, led by the Royal Society for Protection of Birds (RSPB, BirdLife UK), found that:Based on current progress, and with95% of countries behind schedule, the Aichi Targets are noton track unless countries significantly increase their efforts.Unless countriessignificantly increase their ambition, the https://www.cheapjerseyshopping.com/ Aichi Targets willnot be met 90% of countriesthat have submitted their NBSAP have set national targets lower than the global targets.To make significant progress to 2020,high income countries need to scale up their ambition,whilst further action is needed to support lower incomecountries to translate their ambition into action.”The results of this assessment are alarming. Without increased ambition and real action at the national level, countries will fall well short of their global commitments to nature,” said Sarah Nelson, Head of International Policy at RSPB.”Despite progress in a number of policy areas, CBD COP13 did not mark a substantial departure from business as usual wholesale nfl jerseys.

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