Is It Evil To Breastfeed a Baby In Public ?

What really is the big deal about breastfeeding a hungry baby in public?

Celebrities expose bare breasts in public and grace front covers of fashion magazines and are paid millions of dollars for such obvious indecent exposure.

And this exposure for money isn’t the primary duty of the breasts.

But,an innocent girl uses her breasts to save the life of an innocent baby and it becomes an offense with some people saying they “cant stand the sight”?

So goes the argument.You can make your judgment after reading this article and also contribute to the talk.Read on and leave your comment below.

We all can still recall how just about one year ago,Karlesha Thurman was heavily criticized for breastfeeding her baby at her graduation ceremony and posting the photo online.Many people were outraged by her action and they did not hide their disapproval at all.

Thurman was at her graduation ceremony with Aaliyah, her then three-month-old daughter, when she opened the top of her gown and started breastfeeding her daughter. One of her former classmates who was sitting in front of her asked if he could take a picture of her and she agreed.

The social media was agog with diverse views about what she did.While some didn’t see anything wrong with her actions,others were lit rally ‘offended’ by what she did and voiced their emotions.

Ivette Ivens, is a mother of two sons, who she breastfed. One even until age
three! She is a Chicago resident and feels public breastfeeding should be considered normal. Many years ago, breastfeeding was the only way for a mother to feed her child. Why are so many people offended to see this natural process?

She decided to do a breastfeeding photo shoot to try and remind everyone that breastfeeding is ok.

Ivette says, “I nursed them both anywhere I wanted. From church to parties, from the farmers market to high-end designer stores. I believe that mothers should nurse their little ones whenever they want to,” states Ivette.

She is also an activist for extended breastfeed stating children know when it is time to stop and move on.

She is releasing her photobook called Breastfeeding Goddess, later this year. She also recently held an exhibit in her town titled “I breastfeed my toddler”. Ivette also enjoys family photography and specializes in it.

In a recent development according to ABC NEWS,a young mom who was breastfeeding her baby in a restaurant has been seriously outraged when a stranger took her pictures and posted on social media “to shame her” for breastfeeding in public.

This is what 20 year old Connor Kendall told ABC NEWS about how she felt on seeing her picture trending on social media in such a manner,

“Shock. That was my initial response.I turned away from everybody because we were in a corner,” she said. “I really didn’t feel like I was that exposed.”

Young Kendall was however very unlike the man who snapped her and wanted to shame her.She wrote a very touching and lenghty facebook post on her page in response to what happened. You wouldn’t want to miss the post.

Kendall wouldn’t reveal the name of the man out of respect for his privacy, but in her post she said she wrote to him directly in a private message, telling him that she did nothing wrong and explaining that she didn’t use a cover while feeding her son because he “fights them, screams, and doesn’t eat at all while under them.


“If he had been screaming because he was hungry then I would be a bad mom for not feeding my hungry child. I did not pump before leaving home, A-because my son does not like to take a bottle and B-because it is my right to feed him any way I see fit wherever I see fit.

I wanted to thank you for showing the public your ignorance and for shedding light on a topic that is near and dear to my heart,” she continued, adding that the man had shown his “true colors to many and you’ve exposed others who are likewise simple-minded.”

Kendall told ABC News: “I let him know that it was not OK to make me feel bad for feeding my child. I showed less than … you see every day walking down the street.”

Kendall’s post garnered a flood of support, with one poster writing: “Good for you Mama. Way to turn a bad situation in to a positive one!” while another wrote: “Way to stick up for yourself and all of us breast feeding mamas!!”
Kendall said the man later apologized to her in a private message.

Feeding a baby “on demand” is the rule and the advice given even by health professionals.The demand could happen in an awkward situation where it isn’t convenient to fully cover yourself or even where it could be totally impossible to do so.
What then happens in such a situation just like what Kendall and many other women experience daily as they nurse their babies?

karleshaSome have argued that its no offense at all to breastfeed a baby anywhere once the baby needs food.Celebrities do more than just expose breast.

They expose their bare tummies,butt and vagina in some cases and are applauded as “sexy,cute and beautiful”.

But feeding a baby isn’t sexy or beautiful to behold?

What is your take on this?


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