Becoming A Father For The First Time

Hey awesome ladies,I just wanted to put up this post so you can share with him and let him know that he has a share in it all and also for you to see with him how it feels to be a dad for the first time.

It is a shared responsibility and joy. It is a feeling that cannot be given by any other thing on this planet.It is simply amazing.

Just like the woman or wife who’s pregnant for the first time,there’s also a man or husband, who’s about to be a dad for the first time.

It is an experience that only the experiencer can explain because no two dads are the same. It doesn’t matter the age of the man,old or young,they all go through some serious phases and this little article is to take a peek into what it feels like and also talk about what you can do,considering your unique situation,as you prepare for a new baby- as a man/ husband;as a daddy to be.

One of the most important things to know is that there are going to be changes both in you and in your wife. And I also want you to know that whatever changes you experience may not be exactly the same with your friends’,hence there should not be any reason to compare.

Your wife will begin to go through the phases of pregnancy which usually is an uncomfortable period ,especially for first timers.The nausea,vomiting and weakness should not surprise you.Rather it is a period for you to give her the best support you can.She needs you at this time.She will change physically as the pregnancy hormones begin to do their job.She might add weight,significantly and that her “cute” cat-walk steps,would change to a different swag that some women call “dragging along”. This happens when she’s advanced.

Her appetite might also change;it’s either she eats more or less,and sometimes she asks for weird foods.Just understand and do not get angry with her.It’s only a time and she’d be fine again.Support her.

Your wife might begin to be petty;some complain about almost everything and it’s not like they do it deliberately. You need to understand this too,and readjust properly.

Readjustment in your normal routine becomes compulsory as you need to be around her most of the time,especially if she’s sick or “not feeling fine” as is always the case. Rushing out to the viewing center to argue and analyse football matches need to be reconsidered at such times. And again you may find out that diet may have to change sometimes,as you concede to her wish of what to cook,so she would be able to eat.And even if after all the labour of getting it and she didn’t eat,know that it’s part of becoming a daddy.

Financially, you also need to be aware that the coming of a new baby and the sundry events like visit of in laws and siblings many times go together depending on your culture.Prudent and well thought out savings toward that end is made so that you are not boxed into a corner as your baby arrives. You need to be at peace and know that you were well prepared both psychologically and physically.

The feeds,the nappies, cleaning and cooking,aren’t going to be easy for the woman as she just put to bed,and many men wouldn’t want to hand over such times to house maids,hence you might plan to get a close relative or sibling to assist in certain issues as the date draws nearer.

I cannot skip emphasizing the importance of good nutrition as you wait. Do not allow her take in junks and you too shouldn’t .Your health at this time us very important,and you need to assist your body by good nutrition and healthy physical activity.

Whatever items that need to be in the house,stuffs that would be needed at the hospital and at home should be planned for.Ask questions from the “veterans”,especially those guys who have been through same,and you’d be sure to get good guide .

Throughout this period as you prepare,never forget that your wife needs your company and compliment more than ever.
You might also discuss labour and the possibility of staying with her during labour,where two of you are comfortable with it,or if she wants you to.

Planning before your baby comes makes for peace of mind and completes the inexpressible joy that attends the arrival of a newborn. Plan it, start planning today.


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