9 Strong Secrets on How to Keep Your Woman


Kelvin and Ann have been friends for 4 months now and still moving strong. All their friends are excited and happy about them especially as it’s obvious that they’d be heading to the alter eventually.

I have never seen such a situation of relationship where almost everyone wishes that these folks get marries.

Kelvin wasn’t any exceptional from outside but you can really feel who and what he is only when you get closer.

I once met him at a supermarket where I had come to buy a reporter’s notebook, and noticed how a certain lady was so happy and even though she had finished her shopping she carried her wares in the left hand and stood by the side of the queue smiling and laughing heartily as she conversed with Kelvin.

No one there would know that Kelvin had never met this lady and that there was no strings attached.

What did Kelvin do to this lady that kept her by his side until she he finished his shopping and both went out the shop same time?

He simply complimented the lady’s hairstyle and helped her pick her handkerchief that fell as she was about paying for her stuffs.

Many articles are usually written about keeping a man. Why is it not popular to see ones written a about how to keep and maintain a woman? Why? Don’t they also deserve to be kept and maintained?  How are the men doing this and what is lacking? Let’s talk.

Women are graceful, tender, delicate and totally different in many ways than men. It doesn’t matter how they or others try to paint it the other way round. Their emotional make up and the way they understand things and situations can be completely different from men’s.

They can operate on a totally different perspective.

However, women aren’t difficult to please as you think. I believe that there are exceptions though, just like you have among men. Take heed of these few tips and see how magical they can be.

  1. Women want to be cared for. The bad boy may be alluring to some women, but ultimately they want a good man. They want to be cared for, cherished, and loved. If you do the dishes for her, don’t do it just to get laid. Do it because you want to make her happy and support her. She knows the difference, and it means the world to her to have your support. She’ll do the same for you.

2.Listen to her: Sometimes you’d be surprised that you have bought very expensive gifts for a woman and done much other stuff for her but, you still find her complaining of, telling you that you don’t love her or care about her. Yes. At this point it can be both confusing and frustrating. This is one of the key places where their difference in emotional make up and understanding shows up well.

Your woman likes to be more to be listened to. Even if what she is complaining about is petty, do not show it.  They like details a lot; a woman cannot summarize. So listen to her and be present s she talks. Give your own words and reassure her. You’ll get to here heart.

3.Complement her as often as possible: Even before I ever got into any relationship, I noticed that people loved to be complimented, especially when done genuinely(and even when unreal-some don’t know the difference).Women love to be praised and told how good they look and how well they hav performed.

It gives them more energy and makes them glow beautifully, instantly. Nothing like seeing a woman suddenly beaming with smiles before you as she flows in the reality of your kind words to her.

Those few kind, encouraging words can stay for a long time and produce powerful change in her attitude that you never envisaged.  Notice those small things in her or those minute things you thing do not matter: say something about her new hairstyle, her new shoes, or a simple T-shirt she just put on.

Nothing is too insignificant in love.

It can give her enormous energy to perform better throughout the day.

  1. Confidence is hot, arrogance is NOT: Every girl loves a man who’s comfortable in his own skin. It makes us feel safe and protected and nothing feels sexier than that. But arrogance? Women Can’t Stand It. She cannot stand arrogance. Do not impose yourself on her or on other people.

Many women like a confident man who is also humble and who respects others. Respect is sexy to most women and they would know when you actually respect them.

Respect her ideas even when you don’t agree, respect her disposition and her ways of doing some things as long as it doesn’t impair your relationship or is not detrimental to safety.

  1. Help Out At Home and When Out: In some quarters, certain people feel that its un-manly to assist women in doing certain chores, traditionally regarded as “for women”. Sincerely, there are still some men, including educated folks who still hold this erroneous belief.

Well, can I tell you that there is really nothing like a male or female choir, when it comes to romance? Do everything you feel you can and even go the extra distance. The women love it. Do those “odd” things for her and tell her you care. You keep her.

  1. Take responsibility: This is very important and your woman will love you to bits for it. Take responsibility and prove your capability in what you should do. Master what you are doing and be the best the much you can. Do not be a mediocre at all. Excel.

And another angle to this is taking responsibility for your mistakes whenever you make them. I know that sometimes, some of them would complain that “men like saying sorry and committing same mistakes again”, still it doesn’t take away the value or importance of apologies and owning up your blunders.

That word, SORRY is magical.

When you try to defend obvious and not too obvious flaws, they feel hurt. Even when you are correct, but you have decoded that the atmosphere is tense, simply own up. When the weather is cool, you can say whatever you wanted to say.

  1. Keep Your Word. In other words, be a man of your words. Keep your promises even when it hurts. Do not say what you are not sure of doing. Do not make loud promises.

Sincerity matters a lot in every relationship and once it’s tampered with, another indispensable foundation of a relationship-TRUST goes out the window.

And I wonder what both of you are still doing there. So make sure to keep your words. Be sincere with and to her and she will adore you.

  1. Your appearance is important: Never neglect your looks. Just as women put in many efforts to appear cute and attractive, you should also make yourself to be cute. She loves it too.

When you put in the energy to dress in your personal style, stay well groomed (and go lightly on the after-shave), they appreciate you for it. And if you’re clueless about fashion, you can ask her to help, if she knows.

I tell you, she will see it as big pleasure. It would be a fun date night, and those new clothes might just turn us on

  1. Do not forget our anniversary or birthday. I deliberately kept this as the last tip and though it may sound funny, many relationships have cracked because either one forgot a certain important anniversary. It does matter a lot. Get it etched deep in your memory and just know how risky it would be to forget her birthday! Don’t ever try it.

There’s 365 days in a year and you only have to remember 2 of them, that’s why women get pissed off.

Set a reminder on your phone, write it in your planner or tell your mom if you have to (just don’t tell us you did), but whatever you do, do NOT forget. Why should you forget her birthday? Why? Tell me.

With these few tips, I hope you can get to work and put in a lot of surprising spice to your relationship and see it bloom.

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