The second is descending to the creation

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The world of the world,

Who became close to him to the point of Khallet does not move a step but inspired by the Almighty (I heard him and his eyes)

Alkhalt obtained by diligence or is the absence of a purely God and care and will of God both The guide of the first face: (loves them and love him), and the second guide (Follow me God loves you) and saying: (still my slave to draw near to love him)

God Almighty He wants to guide him from Yneib)
guide him from any of those who return to him and assess his heart and spirit in the presence of Glory and Exalted be He, And the Khalah to permeate his love every atom of your atoms and Igtaa is to attract you to make you from the next and the next to choose is to pick you from within the Ojalk the highest place to be his tongue in the creation

The Almighty then inherited the writers who lined up our slaves, Some of them are frugal and some of them are former good deeds. They have two sides: And the saving of any moderate between the world and the Hereafter, and preceded by good deeds, which hastens the spread of good between the second face and to the slaves, that is, the slaves are unjust to themselves by negligence, and the saved by abandoning sin and doing obedience and the former with good deeds, which hastens for Allah. The second is descending to the creation, and the ascendance is more difficult than the descent, for the ascendant is himself and the descendant is his Lord. Hermes Replica Bags

Hermes Belt Replica Oh God, O man of all alone and the owner of all unique and soon not far and a witness is not absent and often is not defeated, O neighborhood, O Qayom, O Glory and honor, O heavens and the earth, O length and height No god but You are the back of the refugees And the neighbor of the messengers and Anis who are afraid Oh great, great, great, pray on your beloved Prophet Muhammad, honored by the kind of man and his mission for the good of the nations of the good religions and guided him from his people and the best supporters and supporters and grant him of all the best in the world and The Hereafter is finished as far as possible and preferred to the Prophets with the most virtues, best qualities, most signs, miracles, the greatest arguments, and the most powerful verses. And did not specialize in the land until it appeared in the heavens, and generosity Balqran who was unable to oppose the worlds of the king and the people and the armies and challenged by the majesty of your Majesty and the power of your Sultan Vesha Arabs of Adnan and Qahtan, and ruled by the inability to all universes, In the air, and hit the arrow called the moon split in the liver of the sky, and I was trapped by the sun twice, once in Mecca and once in the pharaohs, I completed his sovereignty over the upper and lower worlds and this is over you, O Messenger of God, prayers and blessings of God and blessings and blessings At every moment and when it is similar to the great and equal to your great power and brings you silver All the kinds of prayer and delivery, O God, I seek refuge in the glory of your majesty and the majesty of your dignity and the power of your authority and the power of your power and the love of your Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and peace of estrangement and ill-fated feelings of the refugees, O neighbor of the displaced We have taken out of psychological thoughts and saved our desires Satanic and cleansed of the dirt of humanity and described the pure love of friendly from the echo of negligence and ignorance until our drawings fade into the courtyard of selfishness and the definition of humanism in the presence of collection and desalination. Oh God, we serve you and give us a gift that is not large for others and no entrance to the Siwaq and Guo doctrine of beautiful good faith and the right of certainty and the truth of empowerment and pay our conditions with success and happiness and good certainty and tighten our rules on the path of righteousness and the rules of the sober splendor, The prophets and the righteous and the martyrs and the righteous and built our purposes in the glory of the Atheil on the highest peak of the crimes and the determination of the first determination of the messengers Oh Srikh Almstazin O GiaathWe have included the blessings of your attention in the wrestler of love, and we help you with the lights of your guidance in the nearness of the past, and your support of your precious text, a victory in the Holy Quran, with your kindness and mercy Hermes Belt Replica.

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