Over the next 15 minutes, the coffee fades and the vetiver and

Of the adultery of a married woman
and it was in the grave half of the torment of this nation
God is your mercy

In the book of greatness of the Imam

Shams al-Din Golden

that the adultery If a woman was married to him and it is in the grave half of the torment of this nation
If on the Day of Resurrection, God Almighty governs her husband in his benefits if he is not aware of it – the science and silence of the sanctity of God Almighty Paradise because God wrote On the door of Paradise

“You are haraam on the cypress”

Who knows the abomination in his family and silence and does not tempt On the Day of Resurrection, his hand is tied to his neck. And if he kissed her lips in the fire, he will be punished. The flesh of his face is very beautiful and he says: “What I have done,” he says, “and I say to him, I said to the haraam: “I did it.” The keeper of the angels says: “I heard.” And the other says: “I have written.” And Allaah says: “I have seen and seen”.

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دنياي غرتني and عفوك غرني * ** Mhailti in this or the Ka
If my heart doubt did not become Replica Hermes belt a believer *** Karim Afok What has gone and disobedience – O aware of the eyes, and the eyes do not know him *** but aware of the Turks eye and eyes have a range *** What I have gone through, and no extent to Mdakka
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Yamantp flowers Atara Shaza *** This shah spoiled Nth Shakka
Yammrsl Altayr hardened in riba * ** Inspirational inspiration….]
River Tigers: Magrianha *** But the emotion of the drop of lindaka
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