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Replica Hermes Birkin You might say. ‘I’ll take it now. Before someone else does’. Yet the questionnaires are still out there, all over the web. And, having just completed one, I can report that if I were a season, I would be summer: “Bright and cheerful and rarely in a bad mood!” Having always thought of myself as more of a fall (or possibly a fall transitioning to winter, given to moments as bright as a turning leaf, along with the crepuscular funks brought on by the waning light), I find this baffling.And it occurs to me that in failing to keep up with the new climate realities like the chill and biblical rains that have afflicted much of Europe this year those loopy New Age surveys have something in common with the designers showing their spring 2017 men’s wear on runways here.Thus as handsome and restrained as were the oversized trenches and tidy suits that Rodolfo Paglialunga showed at Jil Sander; as closely as the modular elements hewed to a design idiom honed long ago by Ms. Sander (seeming more than ever like a modern master); as discreet as the palette of pale taupe, washy ombr blues and greens; as unostentatious as the effects achieved by a squared off worker’s jacket rendered with a notched lapel or a dark floral pattern abstracted so it resembles an oil slick on the floor of a garage the collection left a viewer in some confusion.The thought nagged at me throughout the first two days of shows here, when designers like Neil Barrett again offered a display of why he remains a durable presence in a fickle business with a typically disciplined collection of bomber jackets with diagonal inserts reminiscent of marquetry; mock turtlenecks; safari, field and bomber Hermes Replica jackets in a palette inspired by American television shows popular throughout Britain in the ’70s (YouTube almost any old Soul Train episode for a glimpse of those cognac, butterscotch, chocolate and gold hues), and slim, high waist denim trousers.Continue reading the main storyThough hardly suggestive of picnics or beach trips, as least the leather coats and blazers in Consuelo Castiglioni’s show for Marni didn’t read like body armor Replica Hermes Birkin.

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