With McDonald’s’ footprint across the country

The Congressman, his female aide and his driver disappeared 20 years earlier during a corruption probe. The congressman former wife is a front runner in the New Mexico gubernatorial race. Senator who advises her campaign? A former Navajo Nation president? A dealer in Native American artifacts? John Fortunato debut novel Reservations won the Tony Hillerman prize and kept me up reading all night.

“Imagine it: car park, queue of people, a stretch limo pulls up and out pop David Soul and Huggy Bear. People reacted with complete gobsmacked amazement. They didn’t believe their eyes. Ever since the San Diego Chargers announced they were moving to Los Angeles, leaving a city that loves them for one that couldn care less, I been trying to figure out why I so upset. There certainly are more important things going on in our world. I hear we even elected a new president..

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