CHA records show he pays $171 a month toward the rent

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canada goose store Department of Housing and Urban Development.Daniel is among 298 CHA voucher holders whose rents exceed $2,000 a month, according to a Chicago Sun Times and Better Government Association investigation published earlier this month.He lives in a CHA “opportunity area,” a neighborhood where the CHA has agreed to pay higher rents up to three times its normal rates enabling 3,584 people in 1,332 households to afford homes in neighborhoods that have few poor people and little subsidized housing.Daniel who is unemployed, according to police reports is leasing a $2,055 a month apartment. CHA records show he pays $171 a month toward the rent, and taxpayers pay the remaining $1,884.He moved to Alta at K Station which is west of the Chicago River near the Merchandise Mart and includes two high rise towers, a theater, an indoor sports court and a sprawling outdoor pool with cabanas in June 2014.Two months later, the CHA announced it would scale back its exception rents Cheap Canada Goose canada goose outlet from 300 percent of what it normally allows to 150 percent. Those voucher holders would have at least a year to renegotiate their rents or find somewhere less expensive to live.RELATED STORIES: Part 1, Chicago’s public housing dividePart 2, You paid to build them, now you pay to lease themFOLLOW UP: Emanuel blastsCHA voucher program as policy ‘gone awry’But Daniel renewed his lease in June 2015, court records show. canada goose store

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