Maybe you can tell me from this

Hi dmcomputerguy Celine Bag Replica,I’m not sure if it’s RAID or not. Maybe you can tell me from this. Here is all the info on the drive Fake Celine, from DiskCheckup: DiskCheckup V3.0 Build: 1007 Report SysInfo DLL Version: SysInfo v1.0 Build: 1012Time of export: 16:22:09 15 mai 2011Device information: Device ID: 0 Interface: ATA Device Capacity: 953866 MB Serial Number: WD WCAW30069301 Model Number: WDC WD1002FAEX 00Y9A0 Firmware Revision: 01.01V01 Partitions: C: 953766 MBATA information: Disk geometry: Cylinders: 129201 Tracks/Cylinder: 240 Sectors/Track: 63 Bytes/Sector: 512 Total disk sectors: 1953525168 Logical sector size: 512 Physical sector size: 512 Media rotation rate: N/A Buffer size: 0 KB ECC size: 50 Bytes Standards compliance: ATA8 ACS Supported: Yes ATA/ATAPI 7 Supported: Yes ATA/ATAPI 6 Supported: Yes ATA/ATAPI 5 Supported: Yes ATA/ATAPI 4 Supported: Yes Serial/Parallel: Serial SATA 3.0 Compilance: No SATA 2.6 Compilance: Yes SATA 2.5 Compilance: Yes SATA II: Ext Compilance: Yes SATA 1.0a Compilance: Yes ATA8 AST Compilance: No World Wide ID: 50014EE204B49ED5 Feature support: SMART supported: Yes SMART enabled: Yes SMART self test supported: Yes SMART error log supported: Yes LBA supported: Yes IORDY supported: Yes CFast supported: No DMA supported: Yes Maximum Multiword DMA mode supported: 2 Multiword DMA selected: None Maximum UltraDMA mode supported: 6 UltraDMA selected: 6 Maximum PIO mode supported: 4 SATA Compliance: Yes NCQ priority information supported: Yes Unload while NCQ commands are outstanding supported: No Phy Event Counters supported: Yes Receipt of power management requests supported: Yes NCQ feature set supported: Yes SATA Gen2 Signaling Speed (3.0Gb/s) supported: Yes SATA Gen1 Signaling Speed (1.5Gb/s) supported: Yes Software Settings Preservation: Supported Fake Celine Bags Fake Celine handbags, Enabled In order data delivery: Not supported Initiating power management: Not supported DMA Setup auto activation: Supported, Disabled Non zero buffer offsets: Not supported Trusted Computing supported: No Host Protected Area (HPA) supported: Yes Read look ahead supported: Yes Read look ahead enabled: Yes Write cache supported: Yes Write cache enabled: Yes Power management supported: Yes Security mode supported: Yes Security mode enabled: No Device Configuration Overlay (DCO) supported: No 48bit Addressing supported: Yes Auto Acoustic Managment (AAM) supported: Yes Auto Acoustic Managment (AAM) enabled: No Power up in Standby (PUIS) supported: Yes Power up in Standby (PUIS) enabled: No Advanced Power Management (APM) supported: No CompactFlash Association (CFA) supported: No General Purpose Logging (GPL) supported: Yes Streaming supported: No Media card pass through supported: No Extended power conditions supported: No Extended status reporting supported: No Write read verify supported: No Free fall control supported: No TRIM command supported: No SCT command transport supported: Yes NV Cache enabled: No NV Cache Power Management supported: NoApart from that Celine Bag Replica, I was indeed planning on buying a second drive, to prevent eventual catastrophies.(I don’t know what an “advanced replacement” is.

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