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Lonely delusions of webheads

Anyone who Attachments , the unerringly bad but probably true-to-life BBC series about an internet start-up company, will have learnt this: the reason so many internet companies fail is that the people setting them up may be enthusiastic but they are not necessarily bright.

There was a moment in the late Nineties when anyone with a smattering of webspeak, a bit of front, and an idea – any idea – was heralded as a potential millionaire; or, after a few Vodka Red Bulls, billionaire. Shares soared, bullshit burgeoned and among all the hype and hyperbole some pretty sloppy thinking was allowed can you pick the most expensive canada goose parka to go unchallenged. And then, not before time, the investors started asking, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, Jamie… just a second, Jamie… Jamie!!… Where do we make our money here?’ Gratifyingly quickly the internet boom crapped out. Cue a host of disgruntled twenty-somethings staring into their latte and moaning about other people’s lack of vision.

Sport was at the hub of this black friday 2013 canada goose sale boom and the object of some misguided thinking that buy canada goose jacket ebay was muddled even by the barely coherent standards of Webland. There were three common errors.

First, the assumption that because money could be made from sport parka it followed that money could be made from any sport. If some sport is good all sport must be good. Well, yes and no. Jon Henderson mentions in his piece the embarrassing collapse canada goose coat 1000 calorie meal plans of half-way through the Sydney Olympics. This came as a surprise but perhaps it shouldn’t have. Only months before they were looking around for a korfball correspondent. Who would want to do such a job? Why would anyone want to employ such a person? What hope was there for a company specialising in such ephemera?

Second, the netmeisters seemed not the least concerned that the internet, which is something that people generally surf on their own, might not be compatible with watching sport, which is traditionally a can you machine wash canada goose jacket communal activity. The internet is made for those who get their solitary thrills from looking at pornography. It is made buy canada goose jacket australia for those people who sit on trains playing fiddly games on their mobile phones. It is a boon for shy people who take their pleasure from indulging in private pursuits. buy canada goose jacket london Watching sport, in contrast, is on the whole a sociable activity. As much about getting out of the house and having a chat anyone has got canada goose coat with your mates as taking assiduous note of what happens on the field of play. Thus it is that, in my opinion, Tony Smurthwaite is wrong to predict the demise of the betting shop. He may prefer to invest his money in the privacy of his own home but others would rather have a bet and a chat and a laugh at the bookies’ (or their own) expense.

Finally, the proponents of the new media blithely assumed that because the internet was so great all other media would shrivel up in the face of its greatness. Newspapers? Finished. Television? Old man’s game. Radio? What’s buying canada goose jacket online radio?

It hasn’t quite worked out like that. Television coverage has expanded and improved and will continue to do so. What’s more, as more sport becomes available it is at least possible that people will actually watch less of it.

And when they do they will prefer to watch the main buy a canada goose jacket online event in the pub with friends than a nonsense event on the net. Anthony Burgess wrote that ‘pub drinking remains the last of our creative acts’ and if some live sport is thrown in for free then so much the better. It will take some pretty fancy thinking to break the habits of a lifetime and cajole people to forsake the pub for the computer. There is no sign of it yet.

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