Police say Collins hit her seven and nine year old sons with a

Now that you’ve got two halves, glue them together or staple them. This is kinda tricky so I couldn’t take a picture of me glueing the halves. My Question is, do I have to use Spray paint or is there a Spray adhesive that is safe to use that I can substitute the Spray paint for? I only done the folding of the Tree.

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36 year old Sascha Collins faces charges of domestic battery with bodily injury to a person under 14 and domestic battery to a disabled person with bodily injury.Police say Collins hit her seven and nine year old sons with a belt buckle, threw them against the wall, and bit one of them. They say the children had bruises and marks.It happened Sunday at a home on Runnymede Drive. Police say the boy’s teenage sister came home to find them injured.

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